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SA | Café Croissant Catch-up #2 - Innovation Culture

FACCI SA Chapter was thrilled to welcome guests for an uplifting session on innovation culture last Friday!

The French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SA Chapter, was excited to organise its second "Café croissant catch-up special Innovation Culture" last Friday.

In this session, we had invited our members & FACCI friends to join us and have a chat with our special guests Angela ChanHead of Innovation and Growth at Schneider Electric and Ben Flink, Senior Manager Business Innovation at RAA Group  during their coffee break.

In this session or guests learnt about:

  1. How Schneider Electric & RAA approach innovation, both globally and locally

  2. Ways in which Schneider Electric & RAA have fostered a culture of innovation to empower their employees to create change

  3. Examples of how they have co-created with their customers

Angela and Ben kindly shared their slides with the members, and gave us key takeaways:

  • Innovation is in everyone’s DNA, we define it as change that adds value
  • Remember to think of innovation like a French boulangerie! You should smell wonderful, look beautiful, feel special and taste divine!.. and make people feel like they want more and more of it
  • During COVID19 we need to reprioritize, restructure and refocus
  • Innovation culture is about setting the internal environment and conditions to enable experimentation 
  • Innovation should be focused on doing the right things that achieve the strategic vision of the organisation 
  • Staff engagement and empowerment are key to enabling an innovation Culture

The session was uplifting, leaving our guests brainstorming about their approach to innovation in their own business.

We thank our sponsor RAA Group for supporting this event, and looking forward to seeing their innovative solutions to keep their members moving in the future!

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