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SCD Advisory Launches the Apollo Journey

12 advisory sessions for consultancies with exit strategies.

SCD Advisory, the independent Corporate Advisory and M&A boutique dedicated to People & IP based businesses, launches a new service offering for consultancies with exit strategies.

The Apollo Journey’s objective is to support consulting companies in preparing its equity story and optimising a future liquidity event by designing a roadmap for its board or advisory committee/CEO. It will enable entrepreneurs to manage and prepare their business for a future exit strategy.

This program includes 12 advisory sessions leverages the SCD Advisory’s proprietary methodology called 4Ps: Purpose, People, Process and Performance.

Throughout this program, SCD aim to become a "personal trainer" who can help entrepreneurs write “the next chapter of their journey”.

The Apollo Journey constitute an innovative approach of "Advisory as a Service".  This service will be delivered for a period in line with the exit strategy’s goal.

The context of the Covid-19 crisis creates the conditions to reset shareholder aspirations and business strategies. Despite market uncertainty, consulting businesses should continue to be innovative and agile to capture new opportunities. says Pierre Briand, founder of SCD Advisory.

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Source: SCD Advisory 

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