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SIFA Australia got granted the 77G depot licence

Australian Border Force has granted the 77G depot licence (bonded depot) to the french freight forwarder SIFA Australia.

This June 2020, SIFA Australia’s footprint is being enforced thought the 77G licence. A bonded depot aims at transferring the international freight from the port or airport directly to SIFA's depot even if duties and taxes are not being paid or if cargo is being held by customs for any reason.

“The aim was to have more control on our freight. With this licence we are able to reduce transit time in declaring goods, cut costs related to third party’s operators and to manage transshipment cargo physically in our own premises" Grégoire Putz, Managing Director SIFA AU & NZ

SIFA has taken advantage of the COVID crisis to speed-up the process.

Grégoire Putz says “ABF has been highly supportive to guide us before we set-up all the requirements. Apart from the company audit done prior to the submission of the application, this is mainly a matter of security and process of the premises management and cargo movement. It has been a major investment. However Australian authorities showed how supportive they can be when it come to licensing.”

Source: SIFA Logistics

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