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SUEZ and NEC set to collaborate on smart cities

SUEZ Australia & New Zealand and NEC Australia today signed a memorandum of understanding to pursue joint opportunities in the field of smart cities.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) will see SUEZ and NEC explore ways in which the two companies can bring together their respective synergies to further progress smart cities in Australia. As an initial focus, the collaboration will seek to work with local councils in support of a smart cities strategy that will contribute to Sydney’s third city, the new Western Parkland City.

A smart city is one which uses technology and data as enablers to improve the quality of life for its citizens. For example, using sensor technology across multiple urban services to create an intelligent operating hub – such as through SUEZ’s partnership with the French city of Dijon – is one method by which city operators can make evidence-based decisions in real time in support of a safer and cleaner city.

Mark Venhoek, chief executive officer of SUEZ Australia & New Zealand, said building smart cities is about rethinking how we can all better support a sustainable model of urban growth and consumption.

“Rapidly increasing demands on natural resources and services mean finding ways to harness the power of smart technology and data isn’t just a problem for governments,” he said. “The corporate world also has a role to play in supporting the public sector and local communities to manage better, healthier and sustainable cities, the very outcomes that epitomise the smart city concept.

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