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Technip Energies has been selected to perform a 10MW Green Hydrogen production project

Technip Energies will work closely with Infinite Green Energy Pty Ltd to build a 10MW hydrogen production facility east of Perth.

The performance of Front-End Engineering Design for a 10MW Green hydrogen production project initiated by Infinite Green Energy Pty Ltd has been awarded to Technip Energies.

The goal of the project is to build a hydrogen production facility, more exactly, their MEG-HP1 Early Production Facility, which is to be built in the vicinity of the Northam Solar Farm east of Perth. As an execution partner, Technip Energies will work on Front End Engineering and Design. Once built, The MEG-HP1 Early Production Facility will produce up to 4.3 tonnes per day. This hydrogen Production facility will be the first commercial-scale green hydrogen facility in WA.

This important project is a step forward in greener energy production. As Gareth Philp, Australia Managing Director of Technip Energies, said

"We are committed to leveraging our local footprint and our integration and design expertise to contribute to building the future of green hydrogen in Australia."

Stephen Gauld, CEO and founder of Green Infinite Energy, also expressed the importance of this project:

“This is an important milestone for Infinite Green Energy and we’re pleased to be partnering with Technip Energies on Front End Engineering and Design.  Our MEG-HP1 Early Production facility at Northam is leading the transition to a net zero economy. With first gas expected in 2024, Infinite Green Energy is on track to delivering some of the first commercial-scale green hydrogen in WA.”

Click here to get a better understanding of the MEG-HP1 Early Production Facility and its contribution towards a net zero economy.

Source: Technip Energies

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