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TotalEnergies and Prony Resources New Caledonia Join Forces

TotalEnergies and Prony Resources New Caledonia Join Forces for the Territory's Energy Transition through a 160 MW Solar Project

TotalEnergies will develop a series of photovoltaic and energy storage projects in New Caledonia in order to deliver decarbonized electricity via a 25-year renewable power purchase agreement (PPA) for the industrial operations of mining and metallurgy consortium Prony Resources New Caledonia.

Between 2022 and 2025, the Company, will develop, in successive phases, ground-based photovoltaic arrays with installed capacity of 160 MW, as well as 340 MWh of energy battery storage capacity. Most of the installations will be located on property owned by the Grand Sud hydrometallurgical plant. The first photovoltaic power plant (30 MW) is scheduled to come on stream in 2023. 

Ultimately, the project will cover nearly two-thirds of the site's electricity needs and will help avoid close to 230,000 tons of CO2 emissions. This project strengthens Prony Resources New Caledonia's ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

By combining solar energy and energy storage to replace electricity generated from coal, TotalEnergies is demonstrating its ability to provide a sustainable energy solution to Prony Resources New Caledonia while meeting demanding local, industrial, environmental and social requirements.

"Prony Resources New Caledonia's commitment to decarbonization is both ambitious and pioneering in the industry.  We are very proud to support their energy transition, and that of New Caledonia,"

said Thierry Muller, CEO of TotalEnergies Renewables France.

"As industrial firms, we think and act responsibly. Our two companies are committed to protecting natural resources and biodiversity, and to improving the situation of local communities. With this long-term partnership, we are demonstrating that it is possible to support industrial activity in New Caledonia and participate in a sustainable development approach at the same time."

"Certainly, one of the most important pathways in our industrial transformation – an orderly and assertive transition of our energy mix towards renewables – allows Prony Resources to ensure that its electric vehicle battery manufacturer customers are supplied with high environmental quality nickel and cobalt while contributing to New Caledonia's sustainable development. The choice of TotalEnergies brings in world-class industrial expertise and opens the door to exciting opportunities and innovations in the years ahead," 

declared Antonin Beurrier, Chairman of Prony Resources New Caledonia.

Source: TotalEnergies

Photo © Nicolas Job

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