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Urban Canopees have landed at a local Australian council

Four of Urban Canopee's structures have been installed by the NSW regional Council of Cootamundra on its main shopping street.

Urban Canopee has helped to increase liveability and interest in urban design for Cootamundra Council with innovative Canopees. Adding visual appeal to the city, the Canopees will improve commuting and shopping experiences for the local community.

The four Canopees offer an attraction to the central business district. They will provide a unique point of interest to the area, offering not only a focal point in urban design, but also serving functionally to provide shade and cooling. This works to increase liveability within the area, making it a pleasant experience for all who visit.

Clematis Montana ‘Mayleen’ climbing plants have been selected for the Canopees. The plant has a light pink/white flower centre with dark pink outer petals. The plants have been selected to be fast growing and create shade during summer, colour during the year, and are hardy to the Cootamundra environment. It is anticipated that the Canopees will be totally covered within 2 to 3 years after the plant’s establishment.

Fitted with a water tank and an autonomous smart irrigation system, Canopees reduce maintenance requirements and associated costs, making it an affordable solution for public spaces. Not only are the Canopees eye-catching during the daytime, but its unique design also ensures it’s all the more striking at night.

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