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Veolia at the LH Forum in France to talk about urgency of Ecological Transition

Veolia on how to accelerate the transformation of the territories towards better consideration of the interests of future generations.

The positive economy forum held in Le Havre-France, from 26 to 28 September, brought together well-known figures and citizens around the theme: "How to accelerate the transformation of the territories towards better consideration of the interests of future generations?"

Pierre Victoria, Veolia's Director of Sustainable Development, spoke at the round table about the urgency of the ecological transition for the territories: 

"What's new is the urgency. People returning from the UN Climate Week are convinced of it. And it is in the territories that the climate and energy transition battle will be won or lost; as a local service manager for industrial customers and local authorities, this is Veolia’s belief."

Veolia already provides solutions to these challenges in almost 50 countries, notably through its ability to create local circular economy loops by transforming waste into a resource – either as energy or a secondary material - and wastewater into a source of energy or for irrigation.

For Pierre Victoria, the urgency of the situation brushes aside conservatism and old habits. A new approach is needed: we have to reconnect the different services in territorial organizations, public and private companies, and remove the barriers in relations with the people. The challenge for the territories is connecting the need for resources with producers of secondary raw materials.

Since December 2018, 19 major companies, including Veolia, have taken a stand for more inclusive businesses. They advocate social and territorial responsibility, which manifests itself not only in local recruitment, training and purchasing, but also in the role of wealth distributor. These companies accept the link between social responsibility and territorial cohesion.

"A company's territorial solidarity will be measured by its role as a wealth distributor and a training provider, and by its cooperation with its supply chain and the local ecosystem,"

- Pierre Victoria.


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