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VIDEO CONFERENCE | COVID-19 Economic response: Europe vs. Australia

FACCI was delighted to have you for its webinar about the Covid-19 Economic response !

During this webinar, our speaker Richard Barwell, Head of Macro Research at BNP Paribas Asset Management, shared his expertise on the macro impact of the COVID-19 and on the economic policy response. He discussed about the following subjects:

- Introduction of the Basic reproduction number of the virus and his variability factors;
- Macro economy and second wave concerns;
- Australia and Europe: same shock, different outcomes;
- Focus on the Eurozone.

Many thanks to him for these interesting insights!

We wish also to thank our NSW State Councillor & Founder of SCD Advisory, Pierre Briand, for moderating this webinar.

Thank you all for attending, we hope you enjoyed the webinar as much as we did!

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