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VISEO explains how to run a sales project on a marketplace

VISEO outlines 3 points that are crucial in order to run a sales project on a marketplace without a hitch.

As marketplaces are popping around and ever more sales are made on these platforms, an increasing number of companies decide to adopt a marketplace sales strategy. VISEO's expert on the subject, Cecile, e-commerce project manager, shares with us the know-how.

The business model of a marketplace is pretty simple, you can advertise your products or services on your chosen marketplace(s) against a commission on sales or fixed fees. Nonetheless, a thorough strategy must be implemented, and three major criteria must be taken into consideration:

  • Integration of marketplace flows
  • Management of marketplace operations
  • Selectins products for marketplaces

Click here to read VISEO's detailed explanation.

Source: VISEO

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