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VISEO, in collaboration with partners, win 2 Solution of the Year awards

VISEO has been presented 2 with awards at the 2021 Victorian iAwards for optimising transport disruption planning with big data.

VISEO, working alongside SYSTRA, has been awarded ‘Business & Industry Solution of the Year’ and ‘Government & Public Sector Solution of the Year’ at the 2021 Victorian iAwards.

The engagement was with the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) which was established by the Victorian Government to oversee one of the largest rail infrastructure projects in the state’s history. Core to the project is the removal of 75 level crossings across Victoria. During works, train lines experience disruptions, requiring Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) to implement replacement bus routes. The VISEO team developed a disruption planning and data visualization tool for the planning and live monitoring of replacement routes, to minimise the disruption to commuter journeys and optimise bus capacity utilisation.

Cole Casper, Lead UX/UI Designer at VISEO said:

"One word: collaboration. This project sets the standard for teamwork. We included end users from day one, and together we built a beast!"

Raymond Boles, Solution Architect at VISEO said:

"It’s no easy feat working with multiple teams across 5 countries in different time zones, but our collaboration made this engagement a success! What started as a hackathon in 2019, turned into building user journeys to understand customer pain points, followed by our team creating a proof of concept that became the foundation of our productionised solution. We’re very proud of our solution and are excited about the difference it will make to Victorians."

Source: VISEO

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