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Based in French Polynesia, in New Caledonia and in Australia, is an Information and Communication Technology Company (ICT).

Since 2008, has supported its clients in digital projects, offering a unique ecosystem of technological skills, solutions and business expertise in the French regions of the Pacific, and since the beginning of this year, in Australia. The company emerged from a significant demand for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the South Pacific region.

Their specialization lies in the distribution and development of innovative computer software across communication, collaboration, certification, and document verification domains.

Collaborating with clients spanning various industries, including aviation, healthcare, housing, distribution, and commerce, takes pride in tailoring solutions to the specific needs of each project:

  • They excel in enterprise management solutions, encompassing CRM, human resource management, accounting, and stock management functions.
  • Additionally, they offer communication and collaboration tools, such as intranet, extranet, and more.

Their primary aim is to enhance operational efficiency for clients, leading to cost savings and improved profitability. firmly believes that innovation is the cornerstone of success and is committed to continually developing new ICT solutions to address the evolving requirements of both existing and prospective clients.

With its comprehensive expertise, is well-equipped to provide the most fitting information and communication technology solutions to clients.


Guillaume PROIA
CEO and Managing Director Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: contact-au(@)

Australia Website:

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