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Welcome to our new Corporate member: Rob Carr

Rob Carr is specialised in the construction of water, wastewater, power, and energy infrastructure via conventional and trenchless techniques.

Rob Carr has significant experience in self-performing complex drainage, water, and wastewater infrastructure projects of varying complexity and exhibit a consistent drive and commitment to maintaining project excellence. It is this drive and commitment, which has seen Rob Carr win several State and National project awards working as a Head Contractor for all major Water Authorities in Australia as well as a preferred Alliance subcontractor on several Private-Public Partnerships.

Rob Carr provides a unique skill set in that the company has extensive in-house capability and capacity in several key construction elements such as detailed excavation, caisson construction, manhole chamber construction, trenchless construction, live tie in and connection works and are widely considered as a highly competent and capable contractor for each element.

They have expert services in the following areas:

  • Microtunnelling
  • Pipeline installation
  • Caisson construction
  • Pump station delivery
  • Working with services, including cutovers and commissioning

Website : Rob Carr

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