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Guiding clients in strategically planning and transforming their enterprises for enhanced business agility, resilience to change and responsiveness.

Since its founding in Australia in 2009, Fragile to Agile has established itself as a leader in the fields of Enterprise and Solution Architecture. With a focus on helping clients transform their businesses to be more adaptable, flexible, and responsive, the company has an impressive track record. They have developed and overseen more than 50 large successful business transformation initiatives both nationally and internationally, resulting in over $1.6 billion in economic spend. This includes an internationally multi award-winning digital transformation for a leading Australian bank.

This robust experience positions Fragile to Agile as a trusted guide and advisor for businesses striving to become leaders in their industry, in an ever-changing, competitive landscape.

The rapid pace of change in the external environment demands that organisations adapt and implement change more swiftly and efficiently than their competitors to remain competitive.

Achieving agility in business relies on the foundation of dynamic business processes supported by adaptable technology services. However, unless there is strong alignment between strategy and execution, the goal of business agility can remain distant and challenging to attain.

At Fragile to Agile, their unique architectural methodology is grounded in their proprietary "Integrated Architecture Framework." This comprehensive approach orchestrates the design of business, people, and technology components across both enterprise and solution tiers. Tailored to address the specific requirements of executives and technologists alike, this methodology has already seen successful implementation nationally in Australia, and internationally in Europe, North America and Asia.

Beyond the consulting services, the company offers the following:

  • Enterprise Architecture Services

  • Solution Architecture Services

  • Management Consulting Services

  • Training courses: "Enterprise Architecture Essentials", "Solution Architecture Essentials", "Data Architecture Essentials," and Customised Courses.

Business capability-driven Enterprise Architecture serves as the bridge between strategy and execution, instilling confidence that an organisation is not only pursuing the right objectives but also executing them effectively, thereby significantly enhancing its agility.

With their end-to-end approach, Fragile to Agile provides:

  • Strategic Planning Framework

  • Investment and Proposition Framework

  • Solution Delivery Framework

  • Governance Architecture Framework

In addition, the company's independence from both product vendors and system implementers ensures that Fragile to Agile will not be conflicted in designing and delivering the optimal architecture for any organisation.

Website: Fragile to Agile

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