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Welcome to our new Small Business Member: Pacific Islands International

Pacific Islands International is a trusted one-stop shop for the building and construction needs of the Pacific Islands.

With a global sourcing reach, Pacific Islands International supplies materials and products to a variety of industries whilst representing many leading Australian, New Zealand and Asian manufacturers.

With more than 40 years of experience in delivering comprehensive, end-to-end export solutions, Pacific Islands International quickly and reliably sources and supplies materials and products from the manufacturer to the final destination.

As a company with a genuine passion for the Pacific, Pacific Islands International is committed to being on the ground and available to all customers – negotiating the most competitive prices, ensuring exemplary quality control and using industry-leading consolidators to keep all deliveries safe and secure.

Pacific Islands International is a family-owned business committed to the Pacific.

The company's vision aims to deliver the very best solutions and reliable, friendly service to customers throughout the Pacific Islands and beyond – strengthening its position as the leading supplier of quality building and construction materials and products to the region.

Website: Pacific Islands International

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