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Realtor with a focus on sustainability in a residential context.

Smart Home Vision Realty was born out of an opportunity to market the unique features of sustainable living in a residential context and help homeowners best showcase energy-efficient points of difference.

The company's focus is to provide helpful tips for energy efficiency and sustainability to include in home design or to improve current homes and retrofit. This will improve an owner's home’s value in the future, increase its liveability, and reduce its environmental impact.

The most important aspect of Eco Home is making sure the building is energy-efficient to allow for sustainable living at a low cost by reducing the use of electricity and water. They provide a choice of traditional and innovative marketing options and are here to help exceed Real Estate Goals. Their website provides an extensive FAQ on Eco Homes.

Smart Home Vision works with service providers such as Goodhouse Co Architects, Beyond Today Enviro Estate, Better Footprint, and Bradley Joseph Naturopath to develop a best practice approach and present options to clients on what they need to consider to be truly energy-efficient and improve the living space.

They also provide property management services for landlords, taking care of the client's investment in the long term. From a rigorous process when screening tenants, making sure the rent is paid on time, keeping up maintenance, and taking care of tradespeople – Smart Home Vision Realty covers the most important elements and more. They affirm "We treat your property as if it were our own!"

In 2012, Sylvie Clarke launched a real estate company from her home. Today the company counts 7 passionate employees and boasts many successful selling, offers energy-friendly houses on the listing, and also places to rent with competitive prices. With the team's experience and understanding of the property market, they have solutions to fit every client's needs.

Their slogan is:

"Find your perfect home that fits your lifestyle or investment plan with Smart Home Vision Realty."

Website: Smart Home Vision Realty

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