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Welcome to our new Start-Up Member: Barrett Language Services

Barrett Language Services offers translation services and French teaching

Barrett Language Services provides French-English NAATI* certified translations as well as one-on-one French language teaching for teenagers and adults. Australian-born francophile Cathlin Barrett has a passion for the French language, both for teaching it and for translating it into well-written English. With a background in marketing and adult education, her experience includes teaching, business development and communications management.

She understands the importance of language learning in a globalised world, and she offers the following services:

French to English translations:

  • Specialising in general marketing and the education industry. She has a background in PR and communications, so she can provide seamless translations of promotional materials into English (UK/Australian).
  • Website content localization for French companies wanting to connect with English speaking markets. A poorly translated website will turn away clients, so it’s worth investing in an online presence.
  • NAATI* certified translations of official documents such as birth and marriage certificates, driver’s licence, education transcripts, tax and bank documents etc.

French Teaching:

  • As an anglophone who began learning French at the age of 12, she understands what it’s like to learn a foreign language and acquire a natural-sounding accent. She can explain grammar concepts in relation to English grammar so that French grammar makes sense, and actually sticks in your mind.
  • She has lived in France, Canada (Quebec) and West Africa, so she is familiar with a variety of accents and vocabulary.
  • She creates tailored lessons for high school students and adults, of all levels and interests.
  • In person (Sydney, Australia) or on Zoom.

*NAATI – National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.

Website: Barrett Language Services

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