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Welcome to our new Start-Up member: Interactifs

Empowering people to be simpler, bolder, more authentic and more productive in their professional interactions with others.

Whilst a few have natural talent, everybody can learn how to make it really matter when they talk. Success is interpersonal. 

Interactifs is a professional training company which delivers a single, proprietary product, the “Interactifs Discipline©”.

It is characterized by its unique view of what an interpersonal relationship should be, the effectiveness of its approach (mix of coaching and training) and its transcultural relevance.

Their unique focus is the verbal disciplines and reflexes needed by people in business at all levels and in different functions to ensure that interactions produce more tangible results, more quickly and with a more positive impact on relationships.

Interactifs was established in France in 1989, is present in 9 countries, and has over 80 trainers delivering training in 13 languages. Their training is a rigorous way of generating a better return on investment on one of the biggest investments made by any company – the time spent by employees talking and listening to others. A typical participant is anybody who spends more than 50% of their time interacting with others (face to face, phone, email etc.) and whose ability to do so effectively is a key factor in the success of the company they work for and their own wellbeing.  

Website: Interactifs

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