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Run For Humanity aims to provide Safe Drinkable Water to Communities in need across the world.

Veronique Bourbeau is the founder of Run for Humanity, an Ultra Runner Adventurer, Public Speaker and Author of “Fearless: One Woman’s transformational journey from a treadmill to running the African Continent”.

Veronique and her team, under the umbrella of a Non-Profit (501C3) organization: Run for Humanity, will be running more than 14 000kms from Alexandria to Cape Town (that means the entire Africa Continent from the North to the South).

The objective of this African continent run is to give clean and safe water (through water filters) to the most remote people in the villages in Africa, who don’t have access to clean and safe water. Veronique will slowly, but surely, make her way down the African continent on foot, while the crew drives a support truck. They will be stopping in as many villages as they possibly can, and give them clean and safe water, by providing them with clean and safe water filter.

Run For Humanity:

"We are committed to provide water to at least 3 million of people on our route, who don’t have access to the basic resource which is water. Running for Humanity aims to help people who need a voice.” 

Run for Humanity has a mission to increase access to clean and safe water (and monitor the real impact they are creating in the world: before, during, and after their Africa run) to the neediest people on the planet. This is why the organization is committed to do literally everything to address this water crisis and bring clean and safe water to the most people on the planet!

Why Water?

According to the United Nation, about 1 in 4 people in the world, lack access to clean and safe water. That means that 1 to 4 people cannot drink clean and safe water. That equals more than a quarter (26%) of the world's population who doesn't have access to safe drinking water and 46% lack access to basic sanitation. That are a lot of people who cannot drink water freely, and we need to do something about it.

Veronique Bourbeau, founder of "Run For Humanity"

Website: Run For Humanity

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