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A global exemplar of excellence in technical assistance, recruitment, and consulting services.

With a vast network spanning across 67 countries, SOCAPS has firmly established itself as a global leader in providing technical assistance across a wide range of industries.

Boasting a workforce of over 1,100 skilled professionals, including technicians, engineers, managers, and consultants, the company has played a pivotal role in assisting businesses in sectors such as Food & Beverage, Health & Care, Automatic Assembly & Intralogistics, and more recently, CleanTech.

The array of services offered by SOCAPS is as follows:

  • Technical Support: offering technical support services designed to ensure the seamless operation of businesses. This includes on-site services, encompassing tasks like equipment installation, maintenance, startup & commissioning. Additionally, the company excels in engineering services, with a particular focus on automation and robotics program development.
  • Recruitment Services: recognizing the importance of a skilled and dedicated workforce, SOCAPS provides recruitment solutions tailored to the unique demands of its clients. Whether businesses require technicians, experts, managers, or directors, the company is equipped to find the right talent to drive their success.
  • Consulting Expertise: providing consultancy services that span a wide spectrum of industrial needs. Their consultants specialise in areas such as manufacturing performance enhancement and industrial eco-transition. Indeed, SOCAPS and its partners aim to assist clients in reducing the environmental footprint of their manufacturing operations.

However, SOCAPS goes beyond business, prioritizing corporate responsibility, actively preserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, and supporting these causes both externally and internally through its endowment fund.

Moreover, the company is devoted to creating a safer and healthier work environment, proven by its ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications from Bureau Veritas, demonstrating its commitment to employee and client well-being and safety.

They stand as a global exemplar in the domains of technical assistance, recruitment, and consulting services. With a special dedication to quality, safety, diversity, and environmental stewardship, SOCAPS continues to shape industries and trying to leave a positive global impact.

 +1100 SOCAPS technicians | 21 technicians in Australia & New-Zealand | 126 Countries covered | 67 Countries with local teams | 17 Commercial agencies | 15 000 interventions per year

Website: SOCAPS

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