Ian FalconerSenior Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services

Ian provides technical guidance and solutions for South Australian Government, Higher Education and related entities. Ian joined AWS in Silicon Valley in 2014, then moved to Seattle as AWS Professional Services Practice Manager and more recently relocated back to Australia in 2020. Ian has worked with some of AWS biggest and most interesting customers including Twitter, NASA JPL, US DoJ, Expedia, Alaska Airlines, Yahoo, Bose, Cambia Health, Nokia Maps, Dolby, Disney, GE, Honeywell, Siemens and MGM to name a few.

Ian is a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters of Engineering in Materials Welding and Joining; he developed the first continuous Friction Stir welding machine here at the University of Adelaide. Prior to joining AWS Ian spent 25 years in product development in the Motorsport, Defence and Automotive sectors including Mercedes, DaimlerChrysler and Mitsubishi. In his spare time Ian operates an Advanced Engineering lab including CNC, Welding, Machining, Industrial Automation, Composites and Systems validation. Ian and his wife are currently building a hybrid off grid Passive House and RV on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

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