Rosalie BihengWine Consultant & Brand Ambassador, Bottli

Being raised in a very gourmet family, in between a Burgundian winemaker and a former oyster grower in Brittany, Rosalie was introduced quite early to the importance of the « arts de la table » such as we see them in France. 

This was the beginning of a passion for quality.  

The way she sees it, every gathering is the perfect occasion to combine flavours through meticulous pairings.

After learning the wine fundamentals in her uncle’s winery and earning a first qualification in oenology school, Australia quickly appeared as her next move, due to its reputation as the promised land of the New World wines. 

Strong of three years’ experience in the wine industry and hospitality, Rosalie seeks to share her passion for wine and focuses on delivering educational content while animating various tastings.  

Having worked in two refined and exclusive establishments in Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, she is now dedicated to providing a fresh insight into the French wine culture as well as contributing to exhibit Australian wines amongst the French community.

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