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One Beyond Success' Leadership Tips for 2023

Read from One Beyond Success' Global Advisory Board members tips to deal with 2023 challenges and opportunities.

Members of One Beyond Success' Global Advisory Board - Frank Ribuot, Lennia Matos, Frank van de Ven and Robbert Rietbroek - has been asked about what they see as the biggest challenge and the greatest opportunity for leaders in 2023. They have also shared their top leadership tip for the ongoing year.

Here are insights from Frank Ribuot, President at Groupe Randstad France:

I believe that the biggest challenge for organisations is the ability to deal with the new demands of employees who expect more and more that their employers are prepared to deal with their personal needs and not only their professional ones. All are trying to establish where the limits need to be set.

[About opportunity for leaders] Making sure that people understand fully the part they play in their role and in their organisation. Helping each person understand how their individual work contributes to the whole, treating each person as an individual, and developing each employee as a whole person, personal & professional development in one. 

He concluded with his leadership tip: 

I remain convinced that personalisation, humanity and passion in today’s leadership will energise the people around us. 

Below are insights from Lennia Matos, Full Professor & Director of the Doctorate in Psychology (PUCP) and International Scholar in the Leading Theory in Human Motivation (Self-Determination Theory):

I believe that the biggest challenge for leaders is understanding how they can create the conditions to fulfil the basic psychological needs (autonomy, competence, relatedness) of workers and how work can be designed to satisfy such needs is of utmost importance to worker performance and well-being.

[About opportunity for leaders] Research in human motivation shows that when employees experience their leaders being supportive of their basic psychological needs (autonomy, relatedness, and competence – Self-Determination Theory), they report higher motivational quality, organisational loyalty, better engagement, and well-being. 

She concluded with her leadership tip: 

It will be a game changer for leaders to learn how to foster the high-quality motivation that comes from within employees, which naturally moves them towards growth and contribution.

To follow with insights from Frank van de Ven, Chief Commercial Officer at Life Fitness:

[About challenge for leaders] It’s about finding the right balance between people and profit as a result of the pressure on the results of companies due to inflationary cost challenges while at the same time challenges to retain high talented employees and labor market tightness.

[About opportunity for leaders] Up-talent your teams to find the right balance between people and profit – A+ players can do more with less, especially when there is great collaboration. Leaders have an opportunity to improve the lives of their people whilst maximising business outcomes creating a win-win.

He concluded with his leadership tip: 

I believe that well-being & personal development programs will become even more key in creating greater engagement and connection between team members, especially in the new work environment.

Finally, insights from Robbert Rietbroek, President/GM Quaker Oats Company PepsiCo North America:

[About challenge for leaders] To lead with empathy and embrace different points of view.

[About opportunity for leaders] Be the leader you yourself would want to work for and with.

To conclude with Robbert's leadership tip: 

Rather than using rules for everything, try to establish principles instead.

Source: One Beyond Success

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