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Stay entertained and keep connected with the Alliance Française de Sydney online classes

Prompted by the current pandemic and government restrictions, the Alliance Française de Sydney has temporarily moved its French courses online.

This shift has opened the doors for the 120-year-old school to adapt, develop and grow its educational and cultural offerings like never before.

Available to adult, teenager and private tuition students, these online courses operate through a combination of video conferencing and an e-learning platform, complemented by various other tools for practicing French such as an app and email subscription. Importantly, these various online instruments are allowing students to continue their studies and maintain the important social aspect of face-to-face learning, which invites exchange, interaction and dialogue with teachers and fellow classmates. 

Catering to home-based learners, these online courses are addressing a real and collective need for connection, escape and a sense of normality. The format of these courses will also benefit those wishing to study French and living in regional areas or individuals who had previously faced difficulties accessing the Alliance Française de Sydney CBD or Chatswood locations.

Additionally, French HSC students also stand to gain from the availability of these online courses, as the Alliance Française de Sydney continues to play an important role in providing additional support, materials and practice for examination preparation.

This transition online has also been reflected in the Alliance Française de Sydney’s cultural offerings, with numerous events currently in development that will take the form of video conferencing with authors and other personalities. The cultural centre has also compiled a variety of suggested activities, interesting articles, news sources and more for adults and children, which can be found on the Alliance Française de Sydney website.

French enthusiasts wishing to continue their enjoyment of French literature, magazines, films and newspapers are able to do so via the platform Culturethèque (made available exclusively to students of the Alliance Française de Sydney), which can be accessed on a personal computer, tablet or smartphone. For those seeking out more interactive or immersive experiences, the Alliance Française de Sydney have developed numerous Murder Boxes and Mystery Games, which ask its participants to follow a thrilling investigation and collect clues to solve a crime.

For students who enrol before Friday 1 May, they will receive a 15% discount on their standard French adult course.

Source: Alliance Francaise de Sydney

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