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SUEZ supports Seabin in cleaning our oceans

SUEZ has donated $10,000 to the Seabin Foundation to aid their fight against pollution in Australia's waterways

SUEZ has demonstrated their shared commitment alongside Seabin to protecting the environment for future generations.

The Seabin Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2014, with a vision to address the scourge of ocean pollution, particularly pollution caused by plastics. Its Seabin unit is a rubbish skimmer designed to be installed in any body of water with a calm environment.

SUEZ CEO Mark Venhoek explains that the donation reflects SUEZ’s support for organisations that share its commitment to protecting the environment: 

"At SUEZ, our purpose is to shape a sustainable environment, now. Each day, the Seabin Foundation is using its Seabin technology to do just that, filtering hundreds of thousands of litres of seawater to collect waste that has sadly ended in our waterways"

The SUEZ donation will help the organisation with its round-the-clock work towards achieving its ultimate goal of pollution-free oceans for our future generations.

Source: SUEZ

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