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The International French Chambers support The SeaCleaners

The network of French and International Chambers of Commerce and Industry is committed to fighting plastic pollution alongside The SeaCleaners

Every second, around the world, 285 kilos of plastic are poured into the oceans. More than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the marine environment each year, causing irreversible damage to aquatic life, fisheries, tourism and marine ecosystems.

This scourge, which has only existed since the 1960s, now threatens the health of the planet and affects all of humanity, since the seas produce half of the oxygen we breathe, regulate the climate and absorb more than 30% of our carbon emissions. According to the UN, if nothing is done, by 2050 there will be more plastic products in the oceans than fish.

Because companies and business communities have an important role to play in reversing this trend and resisting the looming global disaster, the network of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry International (CCI FI) has chosen to support the public interest association The SeaCleaners, which fights to preserve the oceans from plastic pollution.

Created in 2016 by the French-Swiss navigator and explorer Yvan Bourgnon, The SeaCleaners acts against plastic pollution, both at sea and on land, through corrective and preventive missions. In particular, the association has designed a pioneering solution for the collection and recovery of floating plastic macro-waste: the Manta, an innovative vessel equipped with an onboard plant, which will be launched in 2023. This giant of the seas will be the first deep-sea vessel capable of collecting and mass processing floating oceanic waste before it fragments and enters the marine ecosystem on a long-term basis.

A real technological challenge, the Manta will be powered by a combination of several renewable energy production technologies that will minimize its carbon footprint.

Renaud BENTEGEAT, President of CCI France International: "Plastic pollution has no borders, its consequences are cataclysmic in ecological, health and economic terms: our commitment to fight on all fronts must be global. And companies must be at the forefront! Who better than the network of CCI FIs to lead the fight, alongside The SeaCleaners? »

Source: CCIFI

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