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Company employees play an essential role in protecting sensitive data and preventing digital threats.

IT security is more crucial than ever and company employees play an essential role in protecting sensitive data and preventing digital threats. shares a few tips to help you raise awareness of IT security among your staff, and make them key players in your company’s defense:


  • Create an Awareness ProgramSet up an IT security awareness program with regularly scheduled sessions to inform employees about the latest threats and security best practices. Sessions can be in person or online but must be animated by qualified people in the digital field. Priority will be given to those new to the organization, but a regular reminder to all employees is important as techniques and risks evolve, and all employees need to understand the cybersecurity challenges facing their organization.
  • Customize messages: Adapt the information to each company department to make messages more relevant and applicable to their specific working environment. Take stock of the tools used by each department, and identify for each the specific risks and processes to be implemented to ensure proper use.
  • Explain phishing techniques: Demonstrate how to spot phishing e-mails by highlighting signs of suspicion, such as suspicious links and unusual requests. There are different types of phishing (email, SMS, social networking, website cloning…).
  • Emphasize strong passwords: Teach employees how to create strong passwords and encourage the use of secure password management. 
  • Raise awareness of mobile devicesStress the importance of security on mobile devices, especially those used to access company resources. Today, a large number of employees connect to company resources via their smartphones, and these are not always managed by the company’s Information Systems Department, and measures conducive to security are not always guaranteed.
  • Run simulated phishing tests: Organize simulated phishing campaigns to assess employee vigilance and provide constructive feedback. For all types of risk, simulations or full-scale tests are always rich learning experiences.


IT security is everyone’s business. By combining interactive methods, real-life examples and role-specific information, you create a strong security culture that protects your company’s sensitive data and minimizes the risk of cyber-attacks.


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