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Welcome to our new Corporate Member: Soletanche Bachy International

Soletanche Bachy International is part of the Soletanche Bachy group, a world leader in foundations and soil technologies.

Soletanche Bachy International works as a general contractor or specialist subcontractor to deliver large-scale world-class infrastructure projects, from design to execution. The company contributes to 11 major projects a year all over the world, either alone or in tandem with local Soletanche Bachy subsidiaries.

It focuses on 4 types of infrastructures:

  • Port Infrastructures, through the ForSHORE brand (finance, design, construction, and asset management)
  • Dams (New structures, repairs and dam safety, maintenance & upgrades)
  • Linear infrastructures (railway tunnels, metros, highway tunnels)
  • Deep foundations (skyscraper, congested urban areas)


Building on a passion for their work and on a strong safety culture, Soletanche Bachy International’s teams develop innovative, high-performance geotechnical solutions for all types of situations:

  • deep foundations (piles, micropiles),
  • retaining structures (diaphragm walls, secant pile walls, others),
  • cut off walls,
  • ground improvement (ground freezing, cutter soil mixing), underpinning,
  • tunnels
  • civil engineering

With its Technical department comprising 200 specialized engineers, Soletanche Bachy International brings to the table unmatched geotechnical engineering expertise and innovation capabilities: in-house design offices, new technologies specialists (digitalization, big data…), equipment design & manufacturing, etc.

Soletanche Bachy International is also an environmental partner of choice. It provides environmental solutions:

  • by participating in the construction of structures with a positive impact (clean energy, green mobility, water quality),
  • by implementing optimised technical processes to reduce the volume of materials (low carbon concrete, steel-less structures, electric machinery, etc.)
  • and by carrying out daily actions on its worksites (fuel and energy consumption reduction, circular economy and waste recycling, biodiversity preservation, water savings, noise and disturbance mitigation).

In addition, Soletanche Bachy International is committed to create value for local communities through job creation, training & personal development, and to provide integration for local culture by embedding cultural elements in the design of its works wherever possible.

References in Australia

Barangaroo 1A                                  NSW, Sydney, Commercial development in urban area

Barangaroo 1B, Blocks 4 & 5          NSW, Sydney, Commercial development in urban area

Forrestfield Airport Link                  WA, Perth, Metro tunnels


About Soletanche Bachy

Soletanche Bachy group has 10,000 employees worldwide and completes around 4,000 projects a year. It operates in 60 countries via a network of 80 subsidiaries and branches.

It offers effective and innovative construction solutions to public and private clients, in order to complete deep foundations, retaining structures, cut-off walls, reinforcing and civil works for all types of projects, from the largest international structures to the most local sites.

Through its subsidiaries, Soletanche Bachy operates as a general contractor and a specialist subcontractor to design, build, rehabilitate and maintain ports, dams, car parks, metros, tunnels, energy facilities, buildings, etc.

Soletanche Bachy is committed to bring about change in its industry by creating new environmental solutions for construction projects and foundations works. To do this, the Groups relies on a pragmatic and local Environmental Action Plan, targeting three key areas:

  • Reduce its carbon footprint by 40% by 2030 by reducing its fuel and electricity consumption (scopes 1 and 2).
  • Reduce its indirect carbon emissions by 20% by 2030 (scope 3), through the reduction of cement and concrete consumption and use of less carbon-intensive cements and alternative binders.
  • Minimise waste and maximise recycling and reuse.

Website: Soletanche Bachy

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