Welcome to our new Small Business Member: PropHero

PropHero is a data-driven and AI-enabled digital property investment platform that helps find, buy and manage the best investment properties.

PropHero's mission is to help build wealth through property investment.

Harnessing the power of data and AI, their proprietary technology identifies the right investment properties with the potential for high return and low risk. Their national network of trusted real estate professionals assists with the ownership process including inspections, offers, financing, conveyancing, tenants and property management. They aim to reduce the time required to invest in property by 90%, by using technology as much as possible for market discovery, research & analysis, and communications.

PropHero was launched with the ambition to make property investment simple, time-efficient and more profitable by using data, proprietary AI algorithms and an online platform to offer an end-to-end property investment service. It’s the “next gen” in buyer’s agent services.

Website: PropHero

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