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Urban Canopee Australia introduces its dedicated Australian website

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Urban Canopee's Australian new website showcases local sustainable projects for eco-friendly, climate-resilient cities, prioritizing user experience.

Urban Canopee Australia is dedicated to advancing global environmental sustainability through pioneering urban greening solutions.

The new website offers insights into the company's mission, story, and solutions, all aimed at creating greener cities for the benefits of both people and the planet. This launch is part of a broader plan to reach a wider audience in Australia, focusing on promoting sustainability in densely populated urban areas.

The objectives of this website encompass several key aspects:

  • Displaying Local Presence and Commitment: Having operated in Australia for three years and initially leveraging the French OEM's company website, Urban Canopee Australia firmly establishes its commitment to improving Australian cities' liveability and climate resilience.
  • Showcasing Local Projects: The website serves as a platform to showcase various projects Urban Canopee Australia has been involved with, collaborating with local governments and private operators across the country. This display aims to build credibility and encourage other Australian public and private entities to initiate similar sustainable endeavors.
  • Establishing Direct Contact with the Australian Market: Urban Canopee Australia is devoted to fostering a direct and meaningful connection with its clients in Australia. By cementing the position of the company as a local player, they aim to address the unique challenges posed by Australia's distinctive weather conditions.
  • Offering Localized Content: Recognizing the differences between the Australian and European markets, the website and co-developed marketing strategy focus on providing locally relevant content. This approach aims to inspire further greening initiatives, creating a solid platform for future growth.

Germain Briand, Managing Director at Urban Canopee Australia, says:

"By creating a dedicated website for Urban Canopee Australia, we ensure a targeted and relevant presence in the Australian market, strengthening our local presence while serving as a conduit for updates, insights, and opportunities to actively participate in the global movement towards a greener, more sustainable world." 

With this new website, Urban Canopee Australia aims to contribute to a sustainable and green future for Australia and beyond.

Source: Urban Canopee

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