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Empowering Innovation: Where Automation Ignites Independence.

At COREMATIC, they understand the  advantage of innovation to stay relevant in our current labour-dependent economy. That is why they offer innovation as a service while de-risking investments.

A full-service approach, COREMATIC consults, designs, and commissions projects spanning diverse industry sectors. Their services, characterised by innovation, agility, and flexibility, cover expertise in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Robotics.

COREMATIC’s Unique Selling Points: 

  • Vendor Agnostic: COREMATIC is not tied to any OEM or supplier. They are free to test and select the best technology for the automation project.
  • Your Idea, Your IP: All work produced by the COREMATIC team is owned by the client., including all code and drawings.
  • Full Refund Guarantee: Externalise ideas with confidence. COREMATIC de-risks companies’ innovation investments thanks to their refund policy.

At COREMATIC, they have created a business model that combines a unique set of technical skills and a strong culture of learning by failure. With referrals from leading industry companies in manufacturing and prototyping, biopharmaceuticals, metal, and construction, their success in various fields is a testament to their innovative and practical approach.

COREMATIC streamlines and improves access to the R&D tax claim. At 43.5%, COREMATIC’s expert guidance and bespoke solutions ensure that eligible businesses can maximise their claims with ease.

Their focus is on delivering tangible Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses. They understand that every company has a unique set of investment goals and technical challenges, which is why COREMATIC tailors their strategies and solutions to optimise the ROI specifically for each client. COREMATIC’s commitment to driving ROI is at the core of everything they do, helping their clients achieve sustained success and growth.

Jonathan Legault, CEO of COREMATIC, affirms: 

"We exist to simplify complex solutions, de-risk projects, and create genuine value for our clients."

COREMATIC is a young company that continues to operate with a start-up mindset. They thrive in a flexible, people-first culture. It's not just about building cool tech; it's about delivering results, making a tangible impact, and enjoying the journey along the way.



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