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Welcome to our new Corporate Member: Lycée Condorcet the International French School of Sydney

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Offering students a world-class education in an international environment.

Lycée Condorcet de Sydney (LCS) is both an international school with a French curriculum and an independent school in New South Wales. It offers an educational program for students aged 3 to 18, enabling them to graduate as bilingual French-English citizens of the world.

LCS welcomes students from all corners of the globe, with nearly 1200 students representing more than 61 different nationalities, spanning from pre-kindergarten to the completion of secondary school.

This multicultural body of students provides an invaluable opportunity for pupils to thrive in a culturally rich environment. The school’s history dates back to 1965, when the first French class was established in Rose Bay Public school LCS has been a member of the worldwide network of French schools abroad, known as the AEFE (the Agency for French Education Abroad), since 1969 when the APEF (the Association for the Promotion of French Education) statutes were communicated to the French Consulate. It adheres to the principles and values of educational excellence “à la française.

In the heart of our diverse and vibrant community, LCS stands as a testament to the confluence of local engagement and collaboration with leaders of French industry. LCS track record boasts successful collaborations with local and international companies, brands, craftsmanship, key actors and entrepreneurs that share our values and vision.

Our recent collaboration with French Group Seb for instance has allowed us to provide top-notch equipment to our pedagogical kitchen. Similarly, our sports initiatives have witnessed the synergistic involvement of brands like Decathlon and Avene - Pierre Fabre. Their support was instrumental in the resounding success of the CAPN, the AEFE Asian Pacific Championship

The LCS campus isn't just a place for academic pursuit; it's a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and opportunities. By collaborating with us, brands don't just get exposure; they get an opportunity to be part of stories, memories, and milestones. Joining LCS in our journey to create unparalleled educational experiences and write a new chapter of French legacy down under.

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