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Welcome to our new Small Business Member: David Ogilvie Consulting

David Ogilvie Consulting is an experienced Supply Chain and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Consultant.

David Ogilvie Consulting helps executives build profitable companies by unlocking the profits hiding in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution businesses via the use of supply chain techniques and ERP systems.

The company’s clients have experienced dramatic results from the work they have undertaken together, including:

  • Productivity improvements of up to 200%
  • Improved net profit levels, by upwards of 35%
  • Reduced inventory levels of up to 75%
  • Improved customer service levels by 20%
  • Warranty cost reductions from 4% of sales down to 0.26%
  • Doubling throughput capacity in a fast-moving warehouse environment with the same staffing levels
  • KPI measures that have changed the behaviour in the business

David Ogilvie Consulting is offering consulting services such as:

  • Business Strategy Facilitation
  • Technology (ERP, WMS & CRM) System Evaluation & Selection
  • Technology (ERP, WMS & CRM) System Implementation Support
  • Supply Chain & Inventory Optimisation
  • Process Enhancement
  • Technology Project Oversight & Advice
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