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Welcome to our new Start-Up Member: PropHero

PropHero is an award-winning company that helps find, buy, and manage low-risk and high-return investment properties across Australia.

PropHero uses a unique combination of industry-leading data, technology, AI, and licensed property experts to maximise investments and offers a one-stop-shop property wealth management platform through the PropHero app.

PropHero helps to:

Maximise investment:

  • PropHero's industry-leading data, advanced analytics, AI, and licensed property advisors help invest in the best performing properties in the country.
  • PropHero investments averaged +13% in capital growth vs. the Australian market averaging a -4% capital loss in 2022.

Invest with confidence:

  • Their rigorous due diligence process leaves no stone unturned to ensure investment is thoroughly vetted and low risk.
  • Make decisions backed by data and expert property advice.

Simplify the investment journey:

  • They do 99% of the work to invest in a high-performing property.
  • Save 200+ hours of research and analysis that goes into finding and acquiring investment properties.
  • One-stop-shop for all property investment needs on one platform.

How they help to make smarter and more profitable investments:

1.  STRATEGY: dedicated property advisors will work to define personal investment strategy.

2.  ANALYSIS: They analyse the entire Australian market to identify the most promising areas for growth. They then analyse individual properties to find the best investments that are high return and low risk.

3. PURCHASE: They negotiate the best possible deal and connect with their partners across mortgage services, conveyancing, financial advisory, and property management.

4. TRACK: Monitor the performance of investments directly from the PropHero app.

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